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Anish Kumar

An entrepreneur, an innovator, a life coach – Anish Kumar P.K is a man who has donned many hats. An award-winning travel business owner, he is a pioneer at using information technology and innovative ideas to make giant leaps in his business.

An advocate for happiness and mindfulness, Anish Kumar feels that yoga, meditation, and chakra balancing are the key to a better you. His latest venture, a boutique Ayurveda and yoga retreat that he runs along with his wife, Anjali, works on this philosophy. For Anish, it is all about living a stress-free life – and improving the lives of people he comes to contact with. The troubles and turmoils that he has faced while running his business have made him understand the need and importance of following a regimen that will enable everyone to lead a happy and stress-free life. It has also helped him evolve into a life coach – someone who you can rely on to help and motivate you.

With his program, Business from Scratch, Anish Kumar aims to help you build your business using online business promotion tools and stay focused, and live happily through life coaching. The course will help small businesses optimize their websites for getting more visibility by incorporating online and offline SEO tools. This can be a stressful process. And it is here that he advocates the happiness and mindfulness techniques he has adopted to better his life.

Speaking about his techniques, Anish stresses the importance of breathing. “The breath is nature‚Äôs biggest secret. It is linked to your emotions. With breathing exercises, you can control your emotions. This will let you be in control of yourself better”, he says. And that is not all. He has planned and formulated different courses that will help you learn how to manage stress in simple ways. Come, join Anish in this relaxing and pathbreaking journey.


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